Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 32nd Hubby!

This year for the hubs 32nd birthday we celebrated twice... once with just our little fam of 3 on his actual bday, and another 2 days later with a ton of friends.

Bday Sushi Dinner:
Hubs always loves this year we tried a new place that had great reviews....everything was super yummy and the Miso soup was one of the best I've ever had! mmmm, getting hungry just thinking about it now!
 photo JamesDinner3_zps9fca488e.jpg

 photo JamesDinner2_zps617db630.jpg

Yay Kapri - using 'training' chopsticks for the first time, haha! She was obsessed with their sticky white rice...
 photo JamesDinner1_zps41bb2005.jpg

Bday with Friends at Stone Brewing Company:
It was sooooo great to see a bunch of his/mine/our friends all come together to celebrate James - many we hadn't seen it WAY too long. We had a fab little spot for everyone to gather and catch up, enjoy some awesome food/drinks. And thanks to my sis KayLee for bringing ice cream cake, ice cream cupcakes & ice cream cookie sandwiches from ColdStone!
 photo JamesBdayCollage1_zps5652c42b.jpg

I wanted to make something that we could all wear that would identify that we were there together for a certain I found a huge case of these bead necklaces at Party City... then took some very old & outdated, but super thick business cards, spray painted them with chalkboard paint, punched a hole through them, and assembled them onto the necklaces with a paperclip - it turned out GREAT!

Everyone had fun coming up with funny things to write on them - though every time we'd hug one another, some of the chalk would rub off, haha!
 photo JamesBdayCollage2_zps0fdbc029.jpg

 photo JamesBdayCollage3_zpse22a3128.jpg

Check out this group (more came later too!) - way to represent!!
 photo JamesBdayCollage4_zps1b05a571.jpg

The bad-ass Bostonian chick who made this all possible {manager at Stone} - thanks for the hook-up Sheena!!!!!
 photo 478972_10200708364289434_339881226_o_zps55eef7ae.jpg

And last but not least - some of my fav ladies:
 photo 35911_10200708334408687_440239506_n_zpsb90f79e7.jpg

So glad I was able to spend a longgg afternoon/evening with all these awesome people, it was entirely too much fun and I know the hubs felt super special with the huge turn out! Happy bday babe!!! xoxoxoxoxxxx


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