Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Official Haircut/Style!

I cannot believe we've gone FOUR years without one single hair cut for this kid!! We did do one teeny tiny one around her 1st bday, but that was more of a clean up to the weird, long-ish mullet thing, that started growing at the nape of her neck, so I don't count that as an 'official' cut!

It took a few weeks of persuading... of course James that he'd be funny & say "yeah, go get a hair cut so you can look like daddy!" Mind you, he shaves his head.... needless to say, she was a bit apprehensive after that silly comment from dad.

But finally, after I reassured her for the,  415,837th time, she agreed to "just a little 'twim' mom!" haha, love it!

So with the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment for her the next morning at "Chloe's Carousel", which is a good 30 minute drive away from our house, but it was SO worth it! This place was so enchanting & verrrry kid-friendly. Tons of toys in the waiting area (though we didn't have to wait at all!), fun chairs that looked like horses from a carousel, pretty mural paintings on the walls and DVD players at each station...they've thought of everything!

 photo IMG_7360_zpsf45b5129.jpg

Our hair stylist did a wonderful job, as she put a Dora show on for Kapri, she was patient and gentle. She even made sure to compliment the colors of her black/white/pink outfit, with the little flowers & ribbon she selected for her hair:
 photo IMG_7395_zps42cf9f5e.jpg

 photo IMG_7396_zps0119011f.jpg

Afterwards, Kapri was in LOVE with her hair and the wrap-around braids...oh and the "fairy dust"!! We opted to do the light sprinkle of glitter along the top of her head, which she just thought was awesome!

See - just a 'twim':
 photo IMG_7394_zps2bce2779.jpg

I'd love to go back around her 5th birthday for another trim, but also maybe have a small party there for her as well! They have a little room that can accommodate up to 10 girls and they all get their hair styled and nails painted, with a special themed craft & activity - that sounds pretty fab to me!!

As we were leaving, she was desperate to play with all the toys in the waiting I gave her a few minutes to hang. I just wanted ONE good pic of her hair to send to grammies & aunties...she likes to tease me a bit:

 photo IMG_7389_zps096809b4.jpg

 photo IMG_7390_zpsf5c16f4c.jpg

 photo IMG_7393_zps74f6ce04.jpg

Ahhh finally...a smile! Pretty girl :-)

Then we went to surprise dadda at work...he was a happy camper & she was so proud to show off her stylish hair to all his employees:

 photo IMG_7401_zpsc8c02683.jpg

To end our mamma/daughter day...I thought we'd try out a local 'gluten-free' bakery called "2 Good 2 Be" for some adorable mini-cupcakes....they were actually pretty tasty! Great way to end the day & reward a very brave little girl, who was a bit scared to loose any length of her beautiful hair!

 photo IMG_7410_zps8e32109f.jpg


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