Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOO! Happy Halloween

K's outfit selection this year....I mean, could she BE any cuter as Alice in Wonderland?!! I think not.

It's freakin adorable....and see those cute black & white checkered leggings that it came with - super stylish.

She'd tried on a few butterfly outfits at Party City... then kept pointing to this dress. As soon as she tried it on I was so happy - it was perfect! I was thinking it'd be funny for me to dress up as the white rabbit (almost did, bought the ears and tail!) and have James be the Mad Hatter - but that didn't happen (she carried a brown rabbit instead, ha!)... maybe next year we'll plan better and find coordinating costumes!

Halloween morning we took K to school, where we got to see all the other adorableness of kids dressed up. That night we went to downtown Encinitas and had a super early dinner...and after we cruised along Hwy 101 - where a ton of the businesses were open and handing out candy. LOT of adults dressed up too...which was a nice change of pace form our standard trick-or-treating around our pretty quiet community. Definitely a better vibe!

 photo Halloween1_zps8c2ac7af.jpg

Even the place I work out daily on my lunch breaks got into it.... Totally Rad 80's Fitness! The owner, Danny, I had told he should come dressed up as Richard Simmons....he totally did and rocked those mini shorts & wig, hahaha!

I scored the hot pink shorts ($6) and shoes ($20) at ROSS, and the teal leg warmers ($10) at Target....the grey shirt I had made months ago, from a men's XL and created a sort-of 'dolman' style tee from it. It was the most comfortable costume EVER!

 photo Halloween2_zpscda66165.jpg


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