Saturday, November 2, 2013

Craft HEAVEN - at the Queen Bee Market!

OMG - died & gone to craft heaven!!

The 2nd day of the annual "Queen Bee Market" or "QBM" was today in Oceanside, CA. and HOLY creativity was like, ETSY come to LIFE!

Can you tell I was/am excited???

I had seen a posting for 'behind the scenes' people to help work the event...and I jumped all over the Opportunity. They asked us to submit an application and in the comment section I wrote:

"I cravvvvve to be around like-mided crafy people, who have a similar passion for making goodies with their own glue-bun blistered hands and ridiculously creative brains! I would be SO honored to get the opportunity to work behind the scenes the the QBM in November and soak in all the sweat, glitter and glue that will surely permeate the air!"

I know - I'm crazy. But since I couldn't afford or have the time to prep...I figured just BEING there would be fulfilling enough.

So I got to work the entry from 8am-noon, doing admissions...and of course seeing people leave with some awesome goodies! I even got the CUTEST little engraved wooden name badge to wear (see pic below). It was great working with the event creator, Mique (aka: The Queen Bee"), and her friend Katie - such lovely ladies (THANKS to you both for letting me be part of this AWESOME day!!)

Definitely going to lend a helping hand to them for their future events!!

Booths pictured below: (top 2, & bottom left were of the main entry) Joyful Joyful Designs, Creme De La Gems, & Bloomies
 photo QueenBeeMarket1_zpsf3600ba1.jpg

There was just SO much going on... luckily though since I got there on the 2nd day, and early in the morning before the vendors arrived...their booths were already set up and stocked from the day before!! So I had free rein to cruise around and take all these amazing pictures, before the crowds arrived and the inventory flew off the shelves!

Booths pictured below: She Does Justice, Salty Bison, The Printed Palette, A Handcrafted Home, Flea Market Sunday, &  Sweet Funky Vintage
 photo QueenBeeMarket2_zpsd875874e.jpg

So. Many. Crafty. People!!!!  Talk about being inspired to your CORE!

Booths pictured below: DeeDee Motique, Junk Art Gypsy, Stuck in the Coop, Fresh Baked {Paper Goods}, Little Bird, Inspire Lovely, & Bubba's Basics
 photo QueenBeeMarket3_zpsce477365.jpg

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