Friday, November 29, 2013

Sister Spa Day {My Birthday Continues!}

Okay - I think I honestly hit the JACK POT, when my brother-in-law met, dated, and later married my now sister-in-law, Amanda.

She's kiiiiiind of AWESOME.

Like, we literally are sisters from another mister in a past life or something. We have very similar style & tastes (obvs, we picked brothers!!), we love the same shows, we worked at the same company for awhile, we can craft diaper cakes together like no one's biz, and we even have the same brain - swear. Constantly saying the same things (either in person, or over IM/texts) at the same weird. But I love it!

We just CLICKED so well right from the beginning...things like that just don't happen every day. Let alone to someone you didn't pick to be friends with right away...but rather through family, who became family - and I'm so very grateful for our relationship and how far it's come today.

She is so giving of herself in soooo many ways....and is just the most generous, sincere, loving people I have EVER met in my life.

Sadly, she couldn't make it to my early bday paint/wine night since it was on a Sunday evening & they now live up in LA... but she wanted to celebrate my birthday when they were down for the Thanksgiving weekend. So she reserved Friday afternoon with just me...and planned a surprise SPA DAY - just for us.

 photo 582053_10202233057965823_1569859457_n_zps594c3736.jpg

It was the. best. day!

Upon arrival at the famous La Costa Resort & Spa (which I live down the street from and have NEVER been!) - we got a tour of the gorgeous spa, pool area & surrounding grounds... then put on our bathing suits & cozy. It was a bit chilly, but perfect jacuzzi weather...but not before we sat down for some delish lunch...the chicken lettuce wraps were spectacular!

 photo SisterSpaDayCollage2_zps44341773.jpg

After sipping some champ & chit-chatting in the jacuzzi for a bit, we got ready for our massages - which was one of the best massages I'd ever gotten...wowza - I felt like jello afterwards, in a good way, haha!

 photo SisterSpaDayCollage1_zps04e9c644.jpg

Thank you Manda for SUCH a fabulous, pampered birthday.... you are a GEM and I'm so incredibly grateful to have you in my life! xoxoxoxo

 photo 1425677_10202233062285931_233490237_n_zps9ef2cd8e.jpg


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