Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear Santa....

Kapri wrote Santa a letter this year, after we got back from the Holiday Train - she was so excited to actually WRITE him a LETTER... cannot believe how great she is with writing her letters these days, both upper & lower case:

She thanked him for coming on the Holiday Train ride, and sitting with her to talk about what she wanted for Christmas - a jewelry box and a unicorn doll. Then we sealed it up, addressed it to the North Pole, and took it to the Post Office so she could buy a stamp & mail it off all by herself.

About a week later, we woke up one morning and Buddy was at the top of our Christmas tree holding a BIG, beautifully decorated envelope, which had a fancy reply letter from Santa himself (with a little help from moi!). She was sooo happy to get such a personalized letter from him!

I definitely plan to make this an annual tradition with K from now on ;-)

 photo 1488064_10202298831570122_85624165_n_zps0363f4d2.jpg


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