Saturday, December 14, 2013

Run or DYE!

Another 'fun' run under our Nic & I (along with her friend Stacy & her sis Julie) participated in the "Run or Dye" 5K today:

 photo 1234664_10202292157883284_314320247_n_zps64be50a7.jpg

Since Christmas is just around the corner, we decided to wear little Santa hats, cute red/white striped socks and red tanks to get in the spirit... soooo many others had the same ideas! We had tried to find white leggings (to wear under black shorts) that the color would show better - but had terrible luck finding any!
 photo RunorDyeCollage1_zps1153e576.jpg

The guys at the start line, did a GREAT job hyping up the crowd...there was awesome music and such amazing energy from everyone around us. Every once & awhile people would throw up the dye packs and we'd get splash here & there.

 photo RunorDyeCollage2_zpsd9fcc6b9.jpg

The run itself wasn't anything spectacular, as it was just around the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium... so ti was rather drab - I think the best parts were seeing everyone in fun costumes and the anticipation of being BLASTED by color at each 'station'.

I have to be honest...I thought for sure we'd be more 'colorful' at the end....but each time you go through a color station, you get bombarded with color...but then as you continue running, the powder just gradually falls off. I have heard that you should run baby oil or something on your exposed skin, so that the color sticks better.... so if I ever do another 'color' type run again, I'll have to put that to the test!

 photo RunorDyeCollage3_zps57bc5270.jpg

Happy Running!!!


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