Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Boat Parade

My middle sis, now officially BACK from her 1yr move to Arkansas - and I honestly could not be happier!!! Since she's back, I wanted to do something with all us girls...and found this San Diego Bay Parade of Lights, down on the bay that looked great!

I'd never really heard of it before (swear, I've lived her my whole life...but still so sheltered from all that SD has to offer!!)...but knew K would love it as well. I read there were a few different places to view the boats from, but heard from many people that Seaport Village was the best spot. So we got there early and nabbed a great seat on the grass.

 photo HolidayBoatParadeCollage1_zps09138808.jpg

The sunset was OUT of this world....and I see my fair share living in Encinitas....but this was unbelievable - no filter on this pic:

 photo IMG_1097_zps25fcf5c7.jpg

The show.... which took FOREVER to start. Online said it started at 5:30pm...however I don't think it finally got to where we could see until closer to 7!!! Come to find, that it "proceeds from Shelter Island past Harbor Island, the Embarcadero, Seaport  Village, and Ferry Landing in Coronado." - I had no idea it would take that long to go from place to place...oye.

However, I kinda want a boat now so I can decorate it and have a big party on the bay with my fam/friends! Some of them we're ROCKIN!!

 photo HolidayBoatParadeCollage2_zpse0be4cb9.jpg

Afterwards, we all craved something we cruised around the little shops and found a 'cupcakes & cafe' place that was perfect! Then we ended the night with a quick ride on the famous carousel - such fun memories!

 photo HolidayBoatParadeCollage3_zps3cca807d.jpg


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