Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Ho Ho HO!

Oh my....cannot believe another Christmas has come & gone...crazy how fast it sneaks up on us...seemed even quicker this year with Thanksgiving being so late in November!

Christmas Eve, Kapri & I made JUMBO cookies for Santa as usual...but this time, we also remember to leave out carrots for his reindeer as well, phew! I had to wear this adorable red sweater with a stripped bow on it, that was given to me by Chloe's mom, Rain...she said the color didn't look good on her & would suit me more - so voila, it's mine now and I love it!! Thanks girl!

 photo ChristmasCollage1_zpsd911b7be.jpg

Christmas morning was early...with an eager 4 year old, ready to see what Santa brought her. As she told him in the letter she mailed him, she was soooo excited when she opened up her very special musical ballerina jewelry box, and her big fluffy unicorn doll (from the Despicable Me movie)! Also popular this year, was all the My Little Pony goodies she scored...she's obsessed this year.

Later, we had my mom, sisters & Chels' BF Andrew over for our annual brunch... I make a pretty spectacular breakfast casserole that gets devoured every time. Chels brought a 'paleo' friendly cinnamon bread/cake that was delish! And KayLee made a HUGE fruit salad to balance it all off...yum yum!

Among some other things I gifted...I found this awesome body scrub trio at Trader Joe's in late November/early December, and luckily scooped up 6 of them as quick as I could (one for myself of course!) - and never saw them re-stocked again after that day (and I go every week!). Thank goodness I did because they were a huge hit with the ladies in my fam:

 photo ChristmasCollage2_zps17dae1f3.jpg

After brunch, mimosas, and a quick round of my new fav game, Cards Against Humanity, we went out front to the greenbelt & took some fun fam pics:

 photo ChristmasCollage3_zps4d3b1282.jpg

Later that night, we went to my Mother-In-Laws for dinner & more presents...and to visit with Kapri's cousins who were in town for the holidays - I love how much they adore each other!
 photo ChristmasCollage4_zps25781dfa.jpg

Such a wonderful many memories that I'm grateful to have made with my family!


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