Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unexpected baby update...

As most of you know, James & I had our ultrasound done on Jan. 2nd. Our doctor actually called us on the 5th to let us know that there may be some developmental issues in her little legs. So they referred us to see a pregnancy specialist in the Perinatal department at Scripps La Jolla.
After waiting a painful 18 days...we finally had our appointment yesterday morning, where they did a detailed ultrasound and the results weren't too great. Her right leg isn't as developed as her's 'significantly' shorter than the other. From the knee down...something is wrong. Her right foot may be missing some bone, making the ankle & heel (and possible the rest of the foot) very different & abnormal. On her left (good) foot, we could see exactly where her perfect ankle & heel is. Then on her right foot, it's curved without much definition to the ankle & heel. They made it clear that this is not "club foot"'s just a growth abnormality that neither of us could have cause OR prevented. Of course as a first time mother...I can't help but think I did something wrong...I have to keep telling myself that this is not the case.
We have a follow up appointment with them scheduled for Fri. Feb. 20th. Then we are going to be referred to Children's Hospital soon, so we can have a consultation with a pediatric orthopedist to go over our options. Luckily we live in San Diego where some of the best surgeons reside. I've heard tremendously great things about Children's we are hopeful that the leg/foot continue to grow for these last few remaining months and that we will get some good options from the orthopedist going forward. But basically our little baby will most likely have numerous surgeries to correct the issues. We're not sure yet, but these surgeries will most likely take place in the first few weeks of her precious life. Worst case scenario...they may give us the option to amputate from the knee down - we are beyond hopeful that this case will never come into play. So far, our family & friends (those who we've told already) have been so sympathetic & positive for us - everyone has faith that things will turn out okay. And love...has been my incredible supportive, compassionate rock...just like he's been the past 11 years. He truly is the best husband & I am so thankful to have him in my life...especially at a time like this. Please keep our little one in your thoughts/prayers and keep your fingers crossed for us to find the strength to get through this. Pray that she will continue to grow inside me, will be able to overcome any & all future surgeries, will be able to take her 'first steps', will be able to run & play with other kids, will be able to wear & tie her shoes, and of course...will be able to get pedicures on both feet without embarrassment!! We have a few photos from that ultrasound (some 2D, some 3D) which I will post after we scan them to the computer. Stay tuned...

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  1. Calista and James - I know that your amazing love and committment will see your sweet baby girl through anything that happens. Of course, I am so very sorry about all that you will be facing in the next several months but I can't help but think of all the stories I've read about amazing people that have disabilites that overcome them with the love and support of family and friends. We will be here for you - for her - always and will keep you all in our hearts and sending lots of positive energy. Take care my dear niece and nephew.

    Love, Aunt WenDee


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