Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Bump - Wk 27 (OMG!)

Week 27...really?? NO...I don't believe it, and I'm sure you all don't as well. Time is going wayyy too fast and I'm afraid if I simply blink again, May 2009 will be here & I'll be holding a teeny person in my arms. So, with 13 weeks to go...I'll try taking as many 'bump' pics as I can. One of these days (well, nights since she's crazy active at night), I'm hoping to get a video of her actually moving around in my belly.
One of the perks of pregnancy..."Expectant Mother Parking" at the malls around here, hahaha!! I finally got to take advantage of this special parking yesterday at UTC mall, there was a few of these parking spaces, but only one if it was meant for me! For those of you who have never seen this...or don't believe me - take a look for yourself!! It's basically like Handicapped parking, except instead of blue lines to mark the spaces, there are PINK lines!! 
It's really weird actually, because what if you're 3 months pregnant & not showing...does someone enforce these spaces? It's not like you need a placard hanging on your rear view mirror to prove that you're 'expecting'...anywho, I have the pic to prove that these do actually exist:

Baby Bump - Wk 27

Also, the other day I had to go to the doc for a 'glucose test'...which unfortunately involved a rather nasty orange drink that I had to down within 5 minutes. It was very sweet & somewhat similar to orange soda, but without the fizz...I really dislike orange soda...but nevertheless, I survived and I'm extremely happy to report that I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. YAY for me & baby!!!

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  1. Ohhh yay what good news! blah that drink looks awful - like cough syrup blah!!!


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