Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Bumps - Weeks 25 & 26

Playing catch up on some "bump" pics...here are weeks 25 & 26. 

At this point I'm definitely feeling bigger every week!! It's now taking me awhile to find clothes that fit right and I have to practically force myself to wear lower heals - lately I have a love/hate relationship with my tall shoes!!! Last night I was looking back at my earlier pictures from the beginning of my pregnancy and realized how little I seem compared to now...and I'm not getting smaller anytime soon, haha!! 

It also saddens me to think that we're rounding 3rd base as we enter the 3rd trimester...it's all happening so fast. Before we know it, May will be here & we'll be eagerly anticipating her arrival. However, as much as I am truly enjoying being pregnant (or large & in charge!), I really can't wait to have a glass of red wine & get a friggin TAN! Don't let my pics fool you...Canon cameras have a special 'tanning' feature that allows you to darken skin...LOVE IT!!  

Baby Bump - Week 25
Baby Bump - Week 26


  1. Who are you kidding...you still seem so tiny! To me, just looks like you a cute lil bump out front. :) I can't wait to see you guys later this month!

  2. As always you are glowing! (and it's not due to the 'canon tan' either! lol! And I love the blue shirt! Very cute!


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