Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day - our last alone!

Everything here on out seems to be the "last" time we will do or celebrate as just "husband & wife"...now we will have to consider a little one, once she joins our home. As excited as we are, it's definitely weird to think, "wow, next Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's/Vday we'll have a daughter to celebrate with us!!" But, we're getting used to the idea...and we're so happy to be starting a family of our own, have our own traditions, values & family outings, and be the best teachers & parents we can possibly be.
Last week, James sent me a beautiful bouquet of Tulips to my work...I swear these flowers have a mind of their own...because each day they do different things!! One day they're all closed, then all pointed downward, then opening & criss-crossing each other, and now they're becoming very full & open...fun stuff!!

On Valentine's...we ran a few errands then had sushi (cooked of course!!) at a great Japanese restaurant in Encinitas called Tomiko. A few of my friends have worked there in the past (one had a wedding reception there as well), so I've been fortunate enough to get to know a few wonderful people there. When we arrived, we were seated at a little candle-lit table overlooking Hwy 101. We got there just in time to see the last few minutes of a gorgeous, colorful sunset over Moonlight Beach. Moments like these reminds me just how much this city means to us and how it holds so many of our wonderful memories together. We're so incredibly happy to be living back in Encintias!!
During our amazing sushi dinner, James & I talked about our future with a baby. It's interesting to go through our different & similar opinions on how things should be done...all of which came from our opposite upbringings & environments. But it's nice to be able to merge them all into one unified idea on how we'd like to parent our kid(s). Our childhoods have created a path on how we'd like to do raise our daughter...it's all so fun to think about & plan for!! I think we also finalized our little girl's name & the spelling of it...yet that won't be shared until we're closer towards the end of the pregnancy!!

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  1. you're killing me on holding out on announcing the name!!! LOL!!!! I can't wait!


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