Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Shower #2...with the Fam!

Well, this was another busy weekend for us...but very enjoyable...however, this may lead to a rather lengthy blog post!!

On Saturday, James & I had our baby shower for our families at our home. This turned out to be an extremely convenient location for us...since we didn't have to worry about traveling somewhere else & lugging our gifts home. Both our mothers, my 2 sisters and sister-to-be (Amanda) came over early to set up & decorate. I had to stay upstairs & get ready while they decorated.

The food, decor, people and gifts were so thoughtful & amazing...we are so grateful for the entire day & those who shared it with us. 

Here are just a few highlights:

1. One of the most precious gifts that we received is our new rocker/ottoman! We received it from one of Mary's (James' mom) co-workers as a 'hand-me-down'. She had received it as a gift at her baby shower awhile ago, yet she had one that was her grandmother's as well (who had recently passed away unfortunately). She could not bear to give up her grandmother's rocker & its great sentimental value, so she offered to give away the other rocker to us. The moment I saw it, I started's beautiful & perfect & just what we needed!! I've already spent some quality time on it & look forward to much more to come! She also gave us a 'barely' used crib mattress...we owe this wonderful woman many, many thanks & praise!

2. I spent a good 8 hours or so creating a 'baby photo slideshow' for everyone to see at the shower. This included baby photos of both James & I, as well as many of our baby girl's ultrasound pics & our black/white baby bump pics we had taken a few months ago. In the rush of trying to get this completed, I hit a major roadblock on Friday night & into Saturday, which seriously delayed us from being able to play it on our TV. However with the brains & determination of both my wonderful husband & his brother, they were able to use my sister's laptop to hook up to our TV & play the slideshow from there. All my hard work finally paid off & everyone loved it! 

3. On that note...if it wasn't for the major slideshow drama and my sister having to go get her laptop...she never would have seen this adorable, FREE child's dresser left on the sidewalk near my mom's house. When she came back & showed me a pic of it, I shrieked "GO GET's perfect!!!" We already have one dresser that used to be mine, but I knew we'd probably need another. This one is short & will fit perfectly under the window in the baby's room. Yet another blessing to the day...

4. Lastly, but certainly not least...On top of all the time, effort, money & thought that our mothers put into this beautiful baby shower, they also offered to buy us a crib for our baby girl! This is the biggest item that we still need and it'll be the starting point for arranging/decorating her room. They are by FAR the greatest mothers we could ever ask for...James & I only hope that we can do half as good of a job as they did for us!


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