Friday, May 1, 2009

Last day at work...and doctor's visit

I thought today would NEVER come!!

These last couple weeks at work have been pretty difficult...just getting out of bed is a major TASK...I sort of feel like a beached whale, on it's back, trying to flip & flop myself over. I almost need one of those huge white slings that they use to transport whales, no joke - you should see me (and hear the noises I make in my dramatic attempts) - I'm sure it's pretty hysterical!

 So, needless to say...I will enjoy about 2 weeks of NOT having to wake up at 4:30 a.m. & spend an hour getting ready for work...OH JOY!!! I plan on being as lazy as possible, because I know when Kapri arrives, I will never have time to be 'lazy' again! I would *LIKE* to walk on the beach with Mika a few times a week in the morning...we'll see though! We live literally 3.6 miles from Moonlight Beach - so I feel like I should at least try to take advantage of that. I'm also going to spend the time finishing the details/decor in Kapri's room and cleaning the house...I know..."ICK"...but it must be done, so maybe just little bits at a time ;)

 Today I also had my first "check" at the doctor's office to see if I'm progressing at all. I went into this appointment, trying not to get my hopes up that I was dilated at all...but James & I have been walking & I've been sitting/bouncing/stretching on my exercise ball every night - in hopes that it'll help move things along. This appointment was also important because if I'm moving along nicely, then our hopes for inducing in 2 weeks are better.

So...I found that I'm a whole 1 cm dilated & 50% effaced. Time to start walking more, eating spicy foods, ($ex), and whatever other 'old wives tales' that will help me move along more! Next doc appointment is Thurs. 5/7/09....stay tuned!


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