Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finished Work of Art & a *blah* Doc Appt

My sister Chelsea & I finally finished Kapri's name that I wanted to put above her crib. It took awhile for us to get inspired & in touch with our creative side to figure out what we wanted to do on the letters. First they were all going to be different in style, but similar colors with ribbon to hold them on the wall...but then we decided to keep them all the same style without ribbons holding them at the top, haha! I'm very proud of them & hope Kapri loves them too! Pics are below... and personally I think they look better than anything I could've bought in a store!!
I also had another weekly checkup this past Thursday...unfortunately no progress since last week :-( I shouldn't have kept my hopes up, especially since I knew that women can be 1 or 2 cm dilated for weeks without any progress! We'd like to induce, and are hoping for possibly May 18 (exactly 1 week before her due date). So I have mapped out a loooooong walking route here around Village Park where we live...I'll just have to make myself do that once a day....which also means I have to just ignore the crazy back & foot pain that I already have!! So, we just have to be patient...but maybe that's a good thing, since there are a few final details I want to do in her nursery and STILL have to pack our hospital bag(s)!!! Other than that, we're pretty much set & ready for her arrival. The last week I was home relaxing and literally every time I thought I was being *lazy*, I had to tell myself that it was OKAY and to just enjoy it, because once Kapri is born...I may not have this kind of time all to myself (and time for just James & I).


  1. LOVE IT! The room looks great!!!

  2. Wow! Those letters are adorable and everything is really coming together! Can't wait to meet your baby girl. And, GET THOSE BAGS PACKED! :) You never know...LOL.

  3. omg!!!!!!!! calista these turned out amazing, the room looks like it could be in a magazine, that carpet was the final touch, omg!!!!! you and chels did an amazing job....i am so proud of you two! now all you need is a little baby to make the room complete, hee hee!


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