Monday, July 20, 2009

2 memorable months and counting....

Happy 2-Month Birthday Kapri!!!

We love you soooo much! Our love bug is getting soooooo big and strong, everyday we spend with her is just amazing! She had her 2-month checkup and shots last Friday...she screamed as expected, but quickly calmed down in mommy's arms. She's now weighing in at 14.8 lbs and is 24" long - so, she's pretty much off the charts, haha! I love to eat, so naturally she does too ;-)

 This weekend I attended Kristen's baby shower (Leah's was last weekend...and I know at least 8 other lovely woman who are busy cookin buns in their ovens as well). Upon being handed a cute little journal keepsake for the Prilaman fam, I had to reflect back over the past 2 months & figure out what words of wisdom I could pass along to the couple anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Audrey. It took me some time to gather my thoughts and write it all out...but ended up with a nice size page of what I hope will be useful to them! I can't remember word for word...but here's a little snippet of what I can...and then some.  

Newborn Moments to Deeply Cherish:

1. The way they look when they sleep so peacefully cradled in your won't last forever!

2. Even better...the way they look sleeping in their daddy's arms or on his chest...knowing that he'll always be there to protect her.

3. Their little fingers and toes...and the way they tightly grip their whole tiny hand around one of your fingers.
4. The way they innocently gaze up at you when your nursing/feeding them.

5. The way they give you a big toothless smile when you come into their sight...especially when you see a smile for the very first time.

6. Their yummy, clean smell after a bath.

7. The way their tiny ears soft and thin.

8. All those chubby arm, leg and neck rolls!!

9. The way they try to talk with their cute "ahh's" and "coo's".

10. The way they yawn & how their eyes glaze over when their sleepy.

11. The way their breath smells of sweet mama's milk!

12. All the funny faces & expressions they make WHILE sleeping!

13. The way they kick & splash the water in the bath.

14. The way they nuzzle their heads into your neck or chest while you hold them close.

15. The way you feel when you look at them and are reminded that you & your husband MADE this teeny, tiny little wonder...and that she's YOUR precious baby.


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