Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A fun & sun filled weekend

This weekend Kapri experienced some firsts...I just wish she was awake & alert to see it, haha! About once a week I try to get out for a "Mommy Beach Walk" with my friend Courtney and her daughter Arden. We usually power up Highway 101...and it's a good 3-4 mile walk (good job to us!), but this past Friday, we decided to have breakfast and a mini-walk instead (and a mini-therapy session as well, haha). We ate at the delicious Potato Shack then walked down to Moonlight Beach where they have a cute little park area, only steps from the ocean...it was a beautiful day! Kapri obviously couldn't put any of the park to use, other than to sleep in her stroller, but Arden sure did have fun! I can't wait til Kapri can at least sit up so I can push in her the swing or something, haha!! Then on Saturday...yet another gorgeous S.D. day...James, Kapri, Steve, Amanda and I all headed down to walk through Balboa Park. It was a little warm, so Kapri was a bit fussy at first... but then we headed into the Botanical Building to seek a little shelter from the heat and to feed baby K. After that we kept walking and found a YUMMY Shaved Ice cart...just what we needed!! We almost went into some museums...but we were all on a little budget...too bad they're not FREE! All-in-all, it was nice to get out, walk around, and enjoy the day together.

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  1. We enjoy our walk with you and Kapri!!! I'll be sad when you go back to work. :( LOL at the mini-therapy session..haha! :) I just love the Balboa Park picture.


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