Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Adorable Baby “D”!!!

Today my sister-in-law, Jen, had another baby…Daelan Lucas Mark – and he’s such a cutie! As this was her 2nd, it seemed to be a breeze for her at the hospital! Not that labor & delivery is easy by any means (crazy that I can say that know & know how it is firsthand)…but at least with your 2nd you pretty much know the drill.

Jen & her husband Del decided to wait to find out the gender of this little guy. We were all soooo anxious to find out & I think most (if not all) of the family was hoping for a boy… and they got one! There are so many ladies in the fam, so I think a boy will be a nice change of pace. Having a boy & a girl is such a treat…I can’t wait to hear from Jen how different it is raising a boy.

When I was pregnant, I was definitely hoping for a girl…only because I’m familiar with raising little ladies (my 2 younger sisters were great practice!), and because I wanted a lil mini-me to dress up, play with her hair, go shopping, paint her nails…you know, girly things!! But next time around I definitely think it’d be fun to have a boy too…a mama’s boy of course! Haha

How cute is this pic with both him & Kapri?? Sound asleep...awwww cousins!


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