Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble…Thankful for so many things!

I. love. food.  Especially all they yumminess that gets served for Thanksgiving dinner! This time of year is also time to reflect on what’s important to you & be thankful for what you have in life. For me…there’s really too many to count. But every single day when I look at my daughter’s big blue eyes, I remember how lucky James & I are to have her. I’m thankful for my life. Period. Regardless of the good & bad, the tough times & the great… it all defines me as a person and I can finally appreciate that.

This year we had our “first” taste of Turkey Day, the day before at Mary’s house. Each year we have to have a dinner with her a day or 2 early, otherwise it’d be too difficult for us to fit in her house, James’ grandparent’s house, and my mom’s house.

So Wed. 11/25/09, James & I got home from work and got ready for some family time. When we arrived, Mary’s house smelt so wonderful – she’s a super-grammy – all day she cooked AND juggled watching Kapri, then somehow found time to get herself ready!! Anyway, we walked in and they had a big “Happy Birthday” banner hung up in the living room (all for me!!!). As I walked around the corner there was a HUGE wrapped present…but disguised in Christmas wrapping paper…so I thought nothing of it. Then, to my surprise, as we sat down, they told me it was for ME!! After reading a heartfelt card I began to rip it open…O.M.G….could this really be??? IT WAS!!!!!!!

For weeks now I had cut out a portion of the Bed, Bath & Beyond ad, with a picture of a 6-piece ottoman set. I had it up as motivation for me to save up enough to eventually buy it for our living room one day. But no…my sneaky sneaky family-in-law decided to all pitch in and buy it for me…they’re freakin awesome! Needless to say, it fits beautifully in our living room and is padded…which is nice for when Kapri starts to be mobile!!

Anyway…the next day we visited James’ dad Andy at the fire station for a bit. Then headed to his grandparent’s house where evvvvveryone comes for some wonderful food. They all loved Kapri’s big flower headband that I made :-) After hanging out there for a bit, we stopped by my mom’s on the way home for some dessert, then finally called it a night and passed out at home-sweet-home! OH, and Kapri had her own, homemade sweet potatoes for dinner as well…she loves them!!


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