Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Bday to me…27 I’ll be

TWENTY….SEVEN….say it isn’t so!!!!!!!! 27 sounds soooo much older than 26… seriously! Well, that said…it’s been an amazing, life-changing year and to top it off, today I finished my last day in Sales and am moving down to our Marketing department. Change is usually a good thing. So I’m excited to start my new adventure learning from a whole new aspect of WS.

I was on the fence for weeks leading up to my bday…about whether or not to celebrate. But once I found out I was accepted for my new position, I decided why the hell not?!! So last minute I sent out an evite to have a few people join me for drinks at Wine Steals in Cardiff. They have 3 (maybe 4 now) locations and I’ve always heard great things about it…rightfully so. We gathered in a little nook, loaded with a couch, cozy chairs & a big ‘coffee-type” table. They have great Monday night HH deals, so the wine was a-flowin!


The weekend prior to my actual birthday, my mom, sisters, Kapri & I all went out for a ‘girls’ dinner at a new place in Encinitas called “Garcia’s”. It. Was. Amazing. We all entered & were pleasantly surprised by the décor & general ambiance of the restaurant. And we left extremely satisfied and eager to return. Speaking of…I need to go write a review online now before I forget!! Oh, and KayLee baked me a yummmmmy bday cake!

All in all, it was a pretty damn good birthday…filled with new friends, old friends and wonderful gifts (that’s always a plus, hehe)!


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