Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lil chunkie is 6 months!!

6-months old...I never thought this day would come so fast...I know I always say that, but it's true. The last 2 months have been very eventful & entertaining to say the least. Kapri is coming into her own & developing quite the personality (a lil attitude as well!).

I try not to take each day for granted...and I try to remember all the little things that just amaze me with this little one. Luckily I have my BlackBerry on me all the time (slight addiction), so I can jot down notes here & there. Otherwise I'd probably forget or overlook these special moments in time. Here are some of the things she has grown fond of in her first 6-months of life:
  • Dora the Explorer - James told me she loved it, but I didn't realize just how much until I saw her face light up firsthand. The moment the beginning song is over and just Dora is on the screen, she gets soooo happy! I'm thinking she should be Dora for Halloween next year, hahahaha
  • Tags - on blankets, toys, clothes...everything! She plays with them, flicks them around with her fingers and likes to suck on them. They really fascinate her for some reason & it's too funny to watch:

  • Anything soft - like blankets or stuffed animals (especially her big brown bear in her crib). She loves to pull it close and rub the softness all over her face. Sometimes she seems to smother herself in it...but she just loves it. It always calms her down, especially when we're putting her harness back on.

  • Mika - whenever our dog walks up to her, Kapri giggles in excitement. She can watch her for hours (okay, not really HOURS, but definitly a long period of time!). She's easily entertained by Mika when she jumps up, plays with toys, rolls around on the ground and makes funny noises. I can't wait until she's older when they can actually play together!!

  • Last but DEFINITELY not least...Kapri loves to be held. I'm sure this is true with all/most babies, but there's something about the warmth & closeness of her mommy & daddy that has an immediate calming affect on her.


  1. awww this blog was awesome, i was laughing at the mika video and your final comment ahahhaha. ohh kapri, only a giggle monster when she wants to be!!

  2. hahaha! so cute! I just love the Dora pic....you should've posted your Dora pic next to it! lol.


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