Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Wedding Album...2.5 yrs later!

 August 22, 2007
Wow...yes, I just said TWO and a HALF years since our wedding...can you believe it? I can't.  So, during my maternity leave James & I decided that we seriously needed to get our album done. We had the proofs from our photographer literally right after our honeymoon, but we just lagged on choosing the photos we's a lot of pressure to choose the right ones!!

Finally in August/Sept. before I went back to work, we selected the final pics & sent them off to have the album made. Then in October we received the album and were extremely disappointed - I have pics of it, but I'm not going to post them because it was bad and I'd rather not stir up my old, upset feelings...let's just say it was completely falling apart upon receiving it and consequently, a nasty lovely letter was written to our photogs to express those "feelings". Basically, we later found that our album was one of many that unfortunately was made with a bad 'batch' of materials, leaving the whole thing in shambles...and it was mailed to us without our photogs seeing it. So once we did show it to them, they were equally appalled and were quick to replace it with a better quality album. The photogs also informed me that they will no longer offer that style of album to their future clients...phewww!

So, we just got it back over the weekend, and it is 10,000 times better than the first one. Below is a collage with a few pics of the 8x10 album (smaller than before, but actually more portable!)...yay!!! 

to see a bigger version, click on pic


  1. Such a pretty album!!! I made ours on Snapfish and it actually came out pretty good! Your pics are wonderful:)

  2. i cannnnnnnot handle how good the album looks, it speaks VOLUMES over the other 'mess' and i'm so happy that you actually said something to your photographer. i'm in LOVE with it - can it come to work!?!?!?

  3. Thanks ladies!!

    Kendall, I really wanted to make my own with we went the cheaper route and used a film photog (instead of digital), so I couldn't :-(

    Kate, mayyyyybe I'll bring it in...I'll letcha know ;-)


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