Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain rain go away!

That....would be work, today...figuring out a clever way to get to my car without getting beyond soaked (around the 37 second mark). Awesome.Can't believe someone took this vid & somehow I found it on YouTube via Facebook.

So, unless you're living under a have either been hearing about the insane weather in all of California on the news or getting the pleasure to experience it for yourself. We've had it all...rain, wind, hail, snow, thunder, lightning (just saw a flash & heard a clash seriously while I type this), fires from the lightning and can you believe...freakin TORNADAO watches...there were even water spouts spotted off the coast in Del Mar!!


Here are some pics I took with my phone too, yikes!

 Yes, I took my shoes OFF to get into my car...

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  1. omg i totally wanted to post tonight about the water at websense because it is SOOO CRAZY! i'm going to attempt to post a video - let's see if i can do it! eeek!


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