Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Away from my loves

I'm barely surviving.

Today marks day 3 away from my two loves, Kapri and James...and I won't get to see them til tomorrow. This is by far the longest I've been away from her and its soooooo difficult! Its especially hard when practically every other person asks me how she's doing....ugh. I wonder if K has forgotten me?? Will she remember my face when I come in the door?? I miss her so much!!

I'm staying at Loews Coronado for an annual work conference. My company has taken over the entire hotel...and I'm estimating about 500 or so employees are here for it. This is my 4th one and man are they painful!! Last year was excrutiating because I was wobbling around with my big old pregnant belly...and I had to be here from Sun-Fri! I took a lot of bubble baths instead of hangin out with my co-workers at the nightly events (read: "the bar") It's technically a "sales" geared conference...so being in my new marketing position makes most of this info they introduce to us, not even relevant to my job. At the last 3 conferences, I was a sales coordinator and an inside sales associate, so the meetings were neccessary...but now I'm just sitting in the back of the room...trying not to fall asleep...while nursing a lovely hangover and really sore feet (damn you brand new cute heals...damn youuuuu..."Beauty is PAIN"...repeat, repeat, repeat!!)

Anyway - I'm just a tad miserable at the moment, but again...I'm surviving...barely.

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  1. I had my first work trip away from Clint when he was about 4 months old and I had only been back to work for a month. I was kind of excited! Going to New Orleans for 4 days, staying in a nice hotel, having time to exercise in the gym AND come back to my room and take a nice long bath... oh it all sounded so relaxing. And it was the first night. Let's not forget to mention that much anticipated uninterrupted sleep either.

    Then I woke up my first morning after having that one perfect night to myself. I was sick. I got more and more sick every day I was there.

    Turns out being holed up in your house for 3 months on maternity leave depletes your immune system and you catch things very easily on a crowded plane.

    I guess I was meant to be his mommy and not travel away from him very often. lol


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