Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our lil family Vday!

It's weird thinking back to a year ago...celebrating Valentine's day with James - we went to Tomiko for dinner, I was very much pregnant, and very much wanted a glass of cab with my dinner :-( But that was a memorable Vday dinner because we had finally decided on Kapri's name & to spell it with a K instead of a C.

This year was very different but just as enjoyable! We slept in a bit, made a yummy, deliciously-fatty breakfast of biscuts/gravy/eggs/bacon (maybe this is why I'm still hangin on to these post-baby 15lbs!!), then went to Babies R Us to buy a new carseat for Kapri...she no longer resembles a lil stuffed sausage in tight casing!!! YAY

This wasn't exactly the one I wanted (and thoroughly researched, ugh)...but I think we settled on the next best. After showing the BRU employee a print out of what I was looking for, she told us that it was probably only carried online - which of couse wouldn't work since we couldn't "trade in" our used car seat (to get 25% off the new one). She then told us the closest thing to what I wanted was the Evenflo Symphony 65 Convertible Car Seat - so we pulled it off the shelf, put Kapri in it...and studied it for a bit. After sizing it up, asking for a rating of this one, we finally went with it. LOVE the SureLatch system...soooo much freakin easier than using the seatbelt...and MUCH more secure. Calms a new mother's nerves while driving on these crazy S.D. streets & freeways...full of absolutely insane drivers!!

We drove back home to pick up our dog Mika then headed out again to enjoy the B.E.A.utiful sunny weather down in Del Mar. We picked up some delish sandwhiches at Board 'n Brew, then walked over to the park/beach on 15th to eat & relax. There was a wedding going on of course I had to stop & watch the bride walk down the romantic on Vday! We had plans to stop down at Dog Beach to let Mika run around & play...but it got too late & Kapri was getting, we'll have to save that adventure for another day!


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