Thursday, February 18, 2010

I almost forgot... give a lil update on Kapri's dysplasia status!! we had her doc appt last Wed. Feb. 10th. They took the normal xrays of her hips (and this time also her right leg to check the growth progress - which is doing great!) and we waited....and waited...and WAITED. I swear it was the longest we'd waited for this doc, but oh well...we needed to hear the outcome.

So the doc finally came in and said her measurments were 27 & 32...ummm...WTF??!! That's exactly what it was at 2 months ago!!!  :'-( anyway...she said that at her age, their bones start to harden, which means the progress won't be as significant as it was in the very beginning when she was 5 months old & first started wearing the harness. Great. I had hopes of being done with this crap by the time her 1st birthday came I'm not so sure.

She then told us that Kapri is now big & old enough to transfer over to the "Cruiser" hip brace...which I later read was the usual progress for babies with mild dysplasia. There are definitely pros & cons to it, as with anything I guess. So here's the list so far:

  1. She only has to wear it for 12 hrs/day (opposed to 18-22 hrs with the harness) - YES!!
  2. She'll be able to crawl & walk around in it easier - hense the name "cruiser"
  3. It has wayyyy less straps & is more centralized around her hips, rather than full body in the harness
  4. Because of #3, it takes like, 2 seconds to put the whole thing on...the harness was a different story
  1. Have to completely remove brace to change her diaper (didn't have to with the harness)
  2. She's been leaking through her diaper at night...but her rolling onto her tummy could be to blame too.
  3. She's having trouble learning to sit up in it, but I assume that'll change once she's used to it & the hard plastic under her bottom becomes more flexible over time.
  4. I feel like the foam part under the velcro is not very durable, there's already a rip in it, ugh...I did however find another mom blogger who posted a pic of her daughter in the brace, and she put fabric around the foam...genious...I'll have to give it a try.
And of course, here's a pic daddy took of her today with it on...

Compared to haress


  1. She's just too darn cute! Glad she "graduated" to the cruiser, but sad she couldn't just be done with it all together. Question...did you ask your dr about using the bumpo seat? We have one, and I'd like to use it, but am afraid to without Ortho permission.

  2. Thanks! I know, glad she graduated up...but yes, was definitely hoping for a bit more progress in the right direction :( And no, I didn't ask...maybe I should've...we've been using it since Kapri was just learning to sit up w/ around 4 months maybe? I hope that hasn't delayed her progress, crap! haha


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