Saturday, February 20, 2010

K & A's Playdate Fun!

Audrey & Kapri had their very 1st playdate today…although they couldn’t really “play” together because they’re a bit too young to understand that concept, haha! Audrey’s mommy Kristen & I had originally planned to find a cute little park nearby to meet at, but it was supposed to rain…which it hardly did, but oh well! Little A is 5 months old & just about sitting up on her own using her cute little hands. While Kapri is in her 9th month and crawling around like crazy.

So Kristen & I chatted, had coffee, chatted some more sharing our baby stories, and of course took a few pics. I can’t wait til all these kids that were recently born can all run around & play together, it’ll be so fun! Anyway, next time maybe we’ll make it out to the park for a little swingtime fun!


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