Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sick as a dog

Well, not really…and who came up with that saying anyway & how does that even make sense??? Click here if you’re just as curious as me! Anyway, I thought it was a clever title since Kapri has her first cold (which is all my fault BTW!) and it started on Sunday, the same day that we went to dog beach.

So, I got sick literally the day after our Club Silk adventure...then Kapri got sick exactly a week later. Lovely.We noticed her getting fussy on our way to Dog Beach, but thought that as soon as we got there & she saw all the doggies, she'd be fine. In theory, that would've been nice...but the happiness lasted about 5-10 minutes, then she was just not having off we went. At least Mika got to stretch her legs for a bit & socialize.

Poor thing has no idea what's going on, why she feels the way she does, and why the hell SNOT keeps flowing outta her nose 24/7!! She didn't have a fever thank god, and only had a little cough the other night when I put her down for bed, so other than that...I guess it's been pretty tolerable.


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