Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Kapri turned 11, that's right people...
ELEVEN months old yesterday...
one more month until little miss muffin turns the big.....

Anyway...I thought I'd make a list of 7 fun facts (okay, 13 if you count the list for #7 haha), for our 11-month old cutie:

1.  Finally her 3rd tooth (top, middle) has broken through this past week, I think the 4th is on it's way soon!

2.  She can drink from a 'straw' sippy this thing

3.  She can wave & somewhat say "bye bye"...well, "buh buh" and say "da da" in the correct context, haha. I know for sure that if I ask her where dada, or Mika is, she finds them & looks right at them :-)

4.  Occasionally she will either let go of furniture or go from sitting to semi-standing, squat-ish position for a few moments, unassisted...omg. Tonight she let go of something & stood there, just so she could clap along with the audience of American Idol after someone sang.

5.  When I ask Kapri "can mommy have kisses?", she responds by leaning toward me with a big open-mouthed, slobbery kiss...and pulls my face towards her...LOVE IT!

6.  She has decided to drop her afternoon nap...ugh. So now her routine is one long 2-hr nap from around 10-30am-12:30pm....and for the most part, sleeps at night from 7:30pm-7am, whooo hoooo!

7.  Her loves:

  • books of all kinds - turning the pages herself is her fav
  • being outdoors & picking at grass - she's like a mini lawn mower
  • our metal coasters - dumping then re-stacking them in the holder...can you say LOUD?!
  • her pink, super soft Comfort Silkie blankie - received as a baby shower gift from our awesome neighbors Jason & Mindy...she nuzzles her whole face in it!
  • food - fruit pieces, pasta, chicken - such a good eater, hence "chunk chunk"
  • Dora, Diego, Kai-lan, Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba and Oliva - especially the beginning songs to each show, she goes nuts!
  • Her mommy & daddy of course...oh, Mika too - awwww


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