Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're invited!!

YAYYYY - I finally finished & mailed out Kapri's 1st birthday party invitations! They are SO flippin cute, totally customized to what I wanted...colors, photo, font, style, wording...everything...I seriously LOVE them. One of my co-workers is a PhotoShop master, so we sat down together & made this little beauty, which I had printed out at Kinkos over the weekend:
(sorry if you are seeing this & haven't gotten your invite's a spoiler!)

(had to blur out the address/phone # for our protection of course!)

I feel like we have so much to least we figured out the food items. To my close friends & fam, just take a guess of what we'll have to's not hard, haha! But I still have to go buy all the paper plates, cups, utensils, decor, etc...I think it's just going to be a butterfly/flowery type theme, of course focusing that it's her "1st". We were going to do a "Dora" theme, but I'd rather save that for bday #2, when she actually can somewhat appreciate a themed bday with her fav character.

I also just decided today, (after seeing someone else's that made me seriously CRY), to make a picture/collage video set to music...which means I need to find just the right song, great...that'll take forever. I want it to run through the last month of my pregnancy, to her birth & on to her 1st bday. The party is at a park, so I won't really be able to showcase it to anyone...but it'll be good to have as a special keepsake for her & us to look back on later. So for the party, I'm also going to make a banner type photo 'timeline' I guess you could say. I'll find our top favs pics of lil K from each month & print them out on a full sheet of photo paper...then somehow make a banner or maybe some kind of clothes line out of hanging on fun colored/patterned ribbon would be cute, hummm....

Well now I'm just babbling my random thoughts, but I can't believe it's in just 25 DAYS! I have a feeling she MAY be sorta walking by then...Below is the vid I have of her doing what appear to be reverse-squats! haha...she goes from totally sitting, to a full squat with her knees bent, to a full standing position, without any assistance...and just chills there, forever...just standing there. It's craziness. I really wouldn't mind if she waited a bit longer to walk...but it's on her time, so whenever it happens, it happens...maybe I'll lose more weight running after her all the time?? hahaha

OH - and if anyone wants to know...Kapri has a birthday wish list  

**Note we do not own baby gates..YET...So we have created a make-shift barrier with 4 lil black ottomans and her pack 'n play, hahaha**


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