Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feelings of discouragement

So, I've been at this 30-day Shred for 16 days now (later today will be my 17th day straight)...and I feel slightly discouraged. I know I shouldn't, because at least I'm finally doing SOMEthing...even if it's only 20 minutes a day. Anyway, I weigh myself once a week, on Tuesdays...and so far in 16 days I've only lost 4lbs! Now, again, I shouldn't complain...I'm well aware that 1-2 lbs a week is great, normal, expected. But still. UGH. I've also lost only an inch pretty much everywhere I measure...arms, bust, waist, hips & thighs. IDK what's normal for inch loss though...hummm. Baby weight is a B!TCH to get off!!!

Anyway...all in all, I feel pretty good. Level 2 is INtense. She focuses a lot on arms/shoulders...I want to die....and I'm pretty sure she wants you to. Even while doing cardio & abs, she makes you use your kills, but after I feel like I did accomplish something in that small window of time. I sweat, I pant, I take a breather or two, the fan is on full blast...I just hope this pays off in the end. And I'm scared of what pain Level 3 will bring...YIKES!

I know if I was working out at the gym for an hour+, things may be different...but I don't have that kind of time, plus I'm not a huge fan of the gym by my house. However I'd love to get into spinning just a couple times a week...which then would require a gym membership. Blah. We'll see...maybe eventually I'll give in to those emails LA Fitness keeps sending me with a kick-ass special offer. I'm also searching around on CraigsList to find a used/inexpensive jogger stroller for Kapri & I. Running is so good for you overall...except my calves have been in crazy pain lately. They feel like they're gonna explode...I may have shin splints...I'm not sure. Last night was really painful because I did level 2 by myself, then my sister came over and we did level 1 together. But that was because I felt SUPER guilty for indulging in a 1,000 calorie LUNCH at Daphne's with that delishhhh pita burger & fries (yes, I'm slightly obsessed with looking at nutritional info now, because of the below paragraph)...OMG I couldn't resist...oh man, the fire feta mingles together with the burger juice & it. is. sooo. goooooood. So my sis told me since I was bad at lunch, that I should do both levels. And I did, plus some extra ab work. GO ME!! I love a challenge.

I've also signed up on SparkPeople - which for me, has been a great way to track my calories/food intake, fitness, and is filled with a ton of valuable info. If you're already on SP or sign up after reading this...My screen name is: CalistaMM. I also bought the "The Spark" book, so I'm sure I'll gain some good knowledge from that. Hope to have more SparkBuddies to hold me accountable for reaching my goals! Only 14 more weeks (and 17 lbs to go)  til our Vegas I have to make the most of this time & get toned up!


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