Friday, April 16, 2010

Sneaky sneaky (daughter) - part 1

My mom's 50th was on April 1st. She was visiting one of her sisters out in we couldn't celebrate on her actual bday. So I had the awesome idea of having a little surprise dinner at BJ's Brewhouse with some close family last night...and we totally pulled it off!

She totally thought that we all pretty much blew off her bday this year, I am SUCH a card person and I didn't even give her the card that I DID get her after she came back from FL...until her surprise dinner. I think she even mentioned earlier that day to my sister KayLee that she was sad we didn't do anything for her...little did she know, heheheheeeee.

My other sister Chelsea & I got there early to blow up some balloons & a little "50th" centerpiece. I got her a cheesy necklace from Party City that said "50 - older is better" haha...and a 50th shot glass of course!! Then my Aunt Angie & her kids came with a delishhhh red velvet cake, which I decorated with tall "50th" candels and we sat & waited.

Finally my mom, her brother & KayLee came through the doors - "SURPRISE!!!" - she was totally shocked & sooo happy to see us all. It was a fun night with the fam.


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