Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"EFF youuuuu"....Jillian Michaels!!

No no...I'm kidding, J.M. is awesome, she kicks butt...I mean really, literally kicks butt. I watch the Biggest Loser (or BL as we call it) religiously with's so inspiring. I cry almost every episode. Yes, I'm a sap.

Anyway...I bought the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred DVD, ohhh, let's see...about 9 MONTHS AGO!! It has collected dust ever since. I did it once, didn't even get through the whole thing because Kapri was hungry (I was nursing on-demand at the time). Needless to say, I was sore the next day even though I didn't finish the work out....and never played that DVD again...

Until yesterday.



Yoga mat...check

Hand weights...check

Measuring tape...check (ugh)

Scale...check (major *sigh*...oh how I envy that "127.2 lbs" on that scale!!)

James watched on and tried to keep a very fussy Kapri calm...while mommy kicked her own butt, mimicking every move on the TV. I'm 30 seconds in doing freaking jumping jacks & I'm suddenly out of breath. that sweat...already?! OMG...seriously?? Yes, just admit it Calista...YOU. ARE. OUT. OF. SHAPE! Okay okay...just breathe, it's only 20-minutes a day - you lazy a$$...just do it!

I survived, I'm sore today...but it feels good. So good. This is my new goal...sticking to this DVD for 20-minutes a day, 30-days in a row. There are 3 levels of intensity...which you gradually move up to every 10 days. I measured my arms, bust, waist, hips & thighs. It's not pretty ladies & gentleman. So I'm not going to post those numbers for you to see....yet. If I get results and see a difference, then maybe I will enlighten you. I forgot to have James take a pic of me, so hopefully I can do that tonight really quick before he leaves for work. I'm curious to see how much this can tone me up in just 30-days.

Wish me luck!!! Gotta get rid of this extra baby weight that I'm still carrying around ALMOST a year later...sheesh.


  1. You go girl! I'm curious now to try that dvd...I am so out of shape too!

  2. atta girl mama C!!!!!! i'm so proud of you and i really want to see if this works for you! kick butt Bammie! muah!

  3. Chelsea (aka Big "C")Thursday, April 15, 2010

    Soooo...Niki's FB comment inspired me to check out your's been a while! Good for YOU!!! I've heard a lot about another at-home workout program too..called P90X I think...I know people who RAVE about the results, and are finally able to take their shirts off at the beach..haha! I think it's pretty intense, but if you get bored with this one, you might wanna check it out... Good luck!!!

  4. hahaha, thanks all! And Chels, yeah I've definitely heard about P90X for a long time now. I'm honestly scared as sh!t to try it out, haha. I think intense would be an understatment from what I've heard...yikes! Maybe when I'm not so completely out of shape, I'll look into it, HA!

  5. YOU GO GURL...Eventhough I think you look great already!!;-)


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