Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I finallllllllly finished making Kapri’s custom shopping cart cover! It was a serious work in progress that I started on April 4th…just a few days after making some leg warmers for Kapri's Easter basket. I was feeling guilty that the super cute fabrics I bought for this project were just SITTING there, all wrinkled & sad. So, on Sunday night…I ventured onward.

Fast forward 2 hours later ---------------------------> “WTH am I thinking?!! This is freaking HARD! Has it been this long since I’ve tried to read, decipher, and actually follow these stupid f’ing sewing patterns???”  Yes, yes it has. It can’t possibly be that hard…I’m Google-ing sewing terminology that I have long forgotten about…I then find that I had completely spaced on buying batting (that's just great) AND bias tape (cuz I’m not about to make that on my own when it’s like $2 measly dollars at Yardage Town).

So, I turn to my good friend Google for help…hummm…let’s type: “what can I use instead of batting?” Of course I had to try a few variations of that question, but I eventually found that one can use fleece in place of batting. My eyes immediately shift toward the balled up fleece blanket that I once let our dog Mika use…however now it’s really not serving any purpose, sitting on top of her crate. Done & DONE! I grab that, cut it & both kinds of fabric according to the *stupid* sewing pattern…wow…3 hrs have passed…what have I accomplished? Nada…time for bed.

I then complete a few bits at a time through the next few days…and VOILA! SUCCESS!!! Well, somewhat, my only issue with this is the belt/strap. You can’t adjust it…so that doesn’t quite make sense, I may have to find an alternate solution to this…anyway, here are some pics. I love it! Soooo much better than the old one I have, which I'm hoping to sell at my garage sale this weekend.


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