Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mamma's Day

Yesterday we had a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch at our house again. I loved every single moment!! Celebrating motherhood is such an honor and is definitely something I don’t take for granted. My heart goes out to those that tried endlessly to conceive – it really makes me ache for those that for some reason or another, have not been given the chance to create a life.

Whether you were a champion who grew one in your belly or are one of those wonderful people who have adopted children that desperately needed a loving home…either way you slice it – being a mommy is serious business & is extremely rewarding, so having a whole entire day dedicated to us is pretty freakin awesome!!

OH, and before I forget…I have to announce that Kapri said ‘mamma’ for the very 1st time that evening!!!!! I had put her down for a moment in the living room, as I started to walk away she began to fuss. She was standing up among the ottomans (which we are still using as make-shift baby barriers), when she reached out & whimpered… “mammmmmaaa” – O.M.G. – it was sooo precious!! How’d I get so lucky, to 1. Have a cute freakin little girl and 2. Have her say ‘mamma’ ON my very 1st mamma’s day?!?! Awww, I melted.

Moving on…This year was much different than last year’s…when I was heavily pregnant & my sister-in-law had to work, so she couldn’t be there. It was only 5 of us – no kids, it was calm & collected. Now this time around, there were 10 of us…including 3 lil muchkins running/crawling around! We had lots of great food…I experimented again, this time making a delish breakfast casserole that was a hit (even got leftovers yesterday & today…YUM). That one is definitely being added to my recipe book – which by the way, I want to make a new book sometime. Anyway, I found it off (part of my fav: It has reduced-fat bisquik, turkey sausage & bacon, eggs, fat-free milk, green onions & bell peppers and shredded hash browns. Next time I’ll probably add something to give it a little heat/kick. And please, can I find a fat free cheddar cheese???? They can make fat-free milk, so what gives??

Anway, here are a few pics from our photo shoot on our patio…which is holding up pretty nicely after a month since it’s revamp.

Our lil fam - Kapri looks mad, but I swear she's not, haha!

Daddy James, Grammy Mary, Anutie Jen & Uncle Steve

Me and the littlest ones - K & D - who are only 3 mo apart
(that was an arm workout!!!)

Uncle Steve & Auntie Amanda - world coolest babysitters!
(these 3 kiddos are their birth control, HAHA!)

The sistaahhhs! Love these ladies! xoxo

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  1. wow these pictures turned out beautiful! so clear and soo cute!!!


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