Monday, May 10, 2010


So not this past Sunday (luckily!) but the Sunday before that, Kapri suffered her first fever...ever. It was so sad. I picked her up out of bed that morning, kissed her on the forehead and was shocked at how hot she was! I went to change her diaper, felt her tummy...then knew something was up. So I called James up, told him to help me occupy her while I took her temp...poor thing was up to 101.7!!!!
So we changed her into a light short-sleeve onesie, gave her some Tylenol (yes, I know it's now been freaking recalled - can I catch a break on the 'recalls' pleasssssse??!) and tried to comfort her. Alllll day she was just it was necassarily crying, but it wasn't giggles either...somewhere right in-between. We felt so bad...there wasn't much else we could do beside the meds every few hrs (we switched to generic motrin after 1st Tylenol dose), cool washcloth on her head, lukewarm bath, and cool things to eat...although she wasn't really having it with the food.

THEN...her mouth started leakin like a faucet and kept soaking her lil clothes. Teething. GREAT. I know that teething can sometimes cause a 'low-grade' fever (not higher than 101)...but later in the afternoon when her temp rose to 102.7 - I knew it wasn't because of that. Then at her 7pm bedtime, we gave her another dose of meds, a bottle & that's when I noticed a blank, vacant expression on her face....oh no. Took her temp again and OMG...103.7 - I freaked, handed her to James & called the doc & waited the longest 40 min for a call back. They told me not to worry and just keep an eye on her...if she got close to 105, to bring her into the doc. Luckily the meds we'd given her around 7 finally kicked in & she felt MUCH cooler after she fell asleep. Sleep that only lasted 2 short hours...then she was UP for another 4 hours...lucky us.

That was miserable...for all of us. Glad it's over with & hope we don't have to encounter it again ANYtime soon! Love you lovebug!! xoxo

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