Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tuft of Fluff

I did it. I broke down and chopped off Kapri's lil "tuft of fluff" on the back of her head. It was sorta in the middle, and was wayyy longer than the rest of her hair in the back. I had left it, in hopes that it would do something cute, like curl or something. It did every once & awhile...but for the most part was just a constant lil fuzz ball of hair.

So the other day, before heading down to the Encinitas Street Fair, I got scissor happy...chop chop chop and goodbye it went. Of course the scissors I used were crap...but luckily you can't tell, hahaha. So, technically this isn't her first REAL haircut, just a little fix.

It looks soooo much better without it & now this little 'tuft' of hair rests in peace, in the small "1st curl" keepsake tin, along with her birth certificate & empty tin for her 1st tooth.


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