Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hall Wall of Fame

YES!!!! Tonight James & I finnnnally...after almost 2 years in our home, printed out some good family pics, framed them, and put them up on our hall wall. So excited...I've had all these empty frames for almost a year now - that's pretty pathetic. I'd like to maybe get some cool swirly wall stickers to incorporate around the frames...something that we could remove when we decided to leave this place. How cool is this Etsy page of vinyl wall art goodies?!!

It was weird actually ordering pics from Costco to have printed out...we just don't do that as often as we used to! Remember back before digital cameras...we'd have NO idea what the pictures we took looked like. Then had to drop them off at some local drugstore, wait a day or 2...then anxiously return, sort through all the alphabetized photo envelopes in those huge drawers...then open them & flip through them even before you paid for them. Fun stuff. Now it's just a matter of re-taking a pic until it comes out just right, uploading to Snapfish & you can get them in the mail a few days later, or pick them up at say...Costco. Either know what you're gonna get, thank goodness!

Anyway... here's the photo chaos..

Here's my improved hutch full of pics:

How sad is this poor bare, white wall?!

Now it's a HAPPY wall...full of life!


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