Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest kicks

I feel like I buy shoes for Kapri all the time. And not myself anymore. WTH? This kid grows like a WEED (which I've seriously witnessed myself, weeds really suck!). Anyway, she's in size 5 shoes...but the 2 pairs she has seem to really *hug* her little piggys. So I figured she'd be a 6 now. Wrong. 5 1/2? Nope. She's more like a 5 1/4 by my measurements. Seriously the size 5's were just too snug, the 6's made her look like Ronald McDonald... and 5 1/2's still didn't quite stay on well enough for a kid that RUNS like the wind these days. first it was between these 2 adorable shoes:

But then I saw these size 5's that still had a little wiggle room...and were only $7, marked down from $18....Done. " mommy your shoesies!!!"

Then she proceeded to play with the shoes/boxes (got her a 2nd $7 pair of 6's that she'll grow into soon I'm sure) for the next 30 minutes or so after we got home...OH, and her steps are so loud in these shoes...I think because the sole is thicker, so she stomps around on the tile, it's pretty cute!


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