Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's be Thankful

Last week I was very inspired by THIS blog post. A "Thankful Wall"...or "Thankful Board" as I've come to call it. I realized that it's easy to get consumed & caught up in the everyday "want, want, want", which makes it
equally as easy to lose sight about what is really important in life. Though 'important' may range from person to person - it's still beneficial to try to remember those things, when maybe all your 'wants' don't come when you'd like them to.
I feel like this board is the perfect way to remember...visually...everyday. And be thankful, everyday... especially with Thanksgiving around the corner. So this will definitely be a new yearly tradition in our household, and next year Kapri will be able to write along with us. Heck, I may even leave it up all year, just as a big 'memo' pad, but November will always be reserved for Thanks.
After an attempt at a random thrift store - and coming up empty on finding a gorgeous, detailed frame like in that blog I linked to above. I remembered that we had 2 old pictures frames collecting dust in our garage. Got these from our bro & sis in-law's (Amanda & Steve, haha) they were free! White spray paint & black chalkboard paint were probably $8 total. And the chalk I already have...
Spray paint the frame - unless 'peach' is the color you're goin for ;-)
Paint on 1st of 2 coats of chalkboard paint (or spray paint...I think I'll try that next time)
Have husband hang - as it is heavy! And write away...
It fits perfectly! Oh, those are pieces of scrapbook paper I used to add a little color :)


  1. i LOVE this idea calista!!! what a fun way to see what you're thankful for everyday. LOVE THIS!!!

  2. I have the most creative wife ever!


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