Thursday, November 18, 2010

Project: Pants

Nowadays I feel like all of my blog posts should start with: "So I found this blog...." or "I tried out yet another project" - oh well...I like it, it's fun!

Anyway, I've posted about this blog before, Prudent Baby, there are way too many crafts tutorials to choose from. I mean really...if you're bored, just browse through this site & you. will. be. inspired.

Enter these PJ pants:

I whipped these up within an hour or so...and they are super simple! Well, I have to be honest...this was the 2nd pair I made...after trial & major error with the 1st pair. I had some AHHHdorable extra fabric on hand, which I got almost for free, since it was already 30% since it was the end of the ream & more than I had originally wanted, they said they'd give me the rest for 50% off...ON TOP of the 30%. CRAZY.

Anyway...this is them...I'm delaying taking them apart because they're too damn cute:

Major fail. I totally didn't measure correctly...I used a pair of Kapri's STRETCH pants as a template. dumb. So naturally, using a fabric that doesn't stretch...obviously didn't work and her poor chunk thighs & diaper butt would not fit. Even my neighbor's cute thinner-legged daughter didn't fit in them. What a waste.

But these are cute...and now I'll have to find some adorable flannel to make warmer ones for K!

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  1. Totally LOVE these!!!! I want a pair for myself! hahahaha. Seriously. ;)


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