Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So, my beloved Blackberry Bold decided it was a lovely morning for a quick dip in my dunkin donuts coffee on Sunday. Grr.

I fished it out as quickly as possible, took it apart, busted out the rice, and buried my phone remains...and waited about 30 minutes. I put it back together, waited for it to restart...phewww, the battery isn't shot, the screen came back on. Then...error. "Memory card could not load due to FATAL error" - O. M. G. So I took it apart again, rice...wait. Went grocery shopping, came back...restart..YAY, memory card worked. Wait, what's this...I cannot PRESS any BUTTONS!! Fanfreakintastic.

Best Buy - here I come. Thank GOD for Jame's Best Buy card...so we both upgraded, hehe

Oddly enough, even though I wasn't due for an upgrade until April 2011 - I could still get a slightly discounted iPhone 4 - so it worked out okay. So, needless to say, James & I are both happy & in love...............with our phones, haha!

PS...this camera is AWESOME compared to BB's.

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  1. AHAHAHAH so funny! p.s. love the clip in the hair! i'm wearing mine today but it's a bad hairday so i dont want to take any pics just yet. i will though!!!


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