Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ballerina Beauty

My sister came over last night to help collaborate on a diaper cake for her boyfriend's cousin, who's due mid-February. Her baby shower is this weekend and she & her guests are gonna be impressed. They better be! Heck, I'm impressed with our work on this one...I LOVE it. Her theme for baby girl Blaine is pink, black & white...ballerinas, pearls, white roses...very chic. So we had to come up with something that was fabulous & classy & perfect!

Hard at work...

The initials B.K.W. are those of not only her baby, but also those of her father who recently passed - so we knew that had to be a main focal point of the cake. That whole plaque is hand-painted from top to bottom & even has a cute pink ribbon on the back, so she can hang it up in the baby's room later on.

We found little ballerina decals/stickers at Michael's and just stumbled upon some great ideas through the night. The crown on top of the 'B' is too cute...reminds us of "Queen B" (Blair) from Gossip Girl - damn I love that show. Anyway...we definitely spent a lot of time on the small details on this one, more so than previous cakes I believe. That's what makes these so special - the time & personalization put into each masterpiece. This is more than just diapers people!!

**Side note to DIAPER MAKERS...can you please just make PLAIN WHITE diapers in ALL sizes??!! Is that really too much to ask? You'd think it'd be cheaper to make/sell too - I personally, could care less about what Disney character is on the front/back (nevermind those god awful 'jean' diapers, ick!). I know that Pampers Swaddlers come in mostly all white - which is great, but I don't prefer to make diaper cakes with small (newborn/size 1) diapers. I'd rather use size 3's, so that the cake can stay intact for a bit longer before the new parents have to rip it apart in desperation for more diapers! haha...anyway...plain white diapers PAHHlease. It looks soooo much better for diaper cakes. Thanks.**

I also made some adorrrable burp cloths - with coordinating pink/black/white polka dots, too cute!

Lastly, here are some fun pics using my new camera's timer, haha, fun stuff:
Sisters being silly...but stoked on our design!


  1. Belle d'ÉbèneTuesday, February 07, 2012

    Your diaper cakes are AWESOME! I do them too in the largest print-free size I can find (up in here Montreal, Canada) and I've had the exact same thought: why oh why do the diaper companies have a gazillion prints on them??? I guess you were pretty happy to see the size 3 Pampers Swaddlers come out! Anyway keep up the fabulous work!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, that is definitely a big annoyance for me each time I make a diaper cake - I just want PLAIN WHITE! hahaha, I feel like that isn't too much to ask for!


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