Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I think I need to become THAT mommy...

You know...the one that carries around 53 packs of disinfectant wipes & 37 tubes of Purell. I should keep some in my purse, my car in both the middle console and in the back (near K's car seat), in K's diaper bag, and in each of our strollers (yes we have THREE)...Ugh. Kapri is coming down with another cold this afternoon. This time I SWEAR it was from the damn library trip on Monday.

Last time I'm 99% certain it was from THIS fun outing, resulting in THIS fun hospital visit. Either I can't take her anywhere anymore, OR I have to become a total germaphobe. Neither of those options sound like a good idea. But, I really should investigate how often people clean their community at the library or at those Hullabaloo shows. I doubt they often do. NASTY! Do you think if I wrote them a letter/email, they'd be honest with me?? I'm seriously contemplating it...along with this photo included, haha!
I got her and I a "Cold Buster" Smoothie from Jamba, hoping it would help...not sure enjoyed it as much as the yummy berry ones I make her... But she looked cute pretending to be drinking it!

Perfect timing for this too...we're going to Palm Desert for a mommy & daddy weekend getaway on Friday morning. Fan-freakin-tastic.


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