Monday, April 4, 2011

Glorious Palm Desert Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated our 2nd annual "Mejia PD Weekend" trip up in the sunny city of Palm Desert. Last time James & I went out there with our favs (S&A), was back in 2008 - juuuuuust before I got pregnant with Kapri. So we were definitely overdue for a fun, 'adults only' trip away.
We left Friday morning, got there by 1ish, and were greated by S&A doing a fabulous 'welcome' dance on the driveway in the 100 degree heat. It was awesome.
We quickly unloaded the car, changed into our bathing suits, and made a few nice cool beverages to indulged in at the pool...which we basically never left the entire time! Except to refill drinks of course.

That night we played a hilarious game of you can see below, it wasn't your ordinary game of carefully selecting those little wooden blocks.

Next day, poolside again...that night we got dolled up & went out for some dancing...time well spent!

Next day, poolside yet again...for the few hours we had left before heading home around 2pm. Kapri was sooooooo happy to see us...our lil sicky had made it through, luckily with a few awesome babysitters! Now, our whole household is sick...but at least James & I were able to enjoy this weekend & valuable time together.


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