Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shellac is my new bestest friend!

Last Tues. March 29th I went in for a mani/pedi before our LONG awaited Palm Desert trip...

I was just planning on a regular lil mani, but then my nail tech Nam, asked me if I wanted to try Shellac instead...score! I had heard about this wonderful stuff a long time ago, but I've been pretty content doing my nails myself over the past year (still can't believe it's been that long since I divorced my acrylics, ah!). So he sat by my side while I got my little toesies soaked, scrubbed, rubbed & painted. My nails have NEVER looked so FABulous! When he was done, I gasped & said that this stuff has literally changed my life!

a little article I found about the process. For the busy mommy, who barely has time for once a week mani's and crafts like a maniac...this stuff is critical. The people who made this 'hybrid' polish are pure genius'!

This pic was taken literally the next day...I couldn't stop staring at them after getting this purty! The pics makes it look a bit  on the orange side...But it's really a gorgeous coral color, I think it's the Tropix one....definitely more on the pink side. Maybe I should take these outside in natural light, opposed to icky indoor office lighting...hum...these pics just DO NOT do justice:

And this was taken just now...exactly one week later. This past week included 3 days straight in a pool in PD, washing dishes, showers for me...washing Kapri in baths...typing all day long at work, sewing & crafting at home...and a few accidental hits to the fingers - and I'm happy to report that there are NO chips yet. YIPEEE! I cannot stop talking about this stuff to everyone I know...I'm should be too!!!! Go get your 'Shellac' on today. Right now. Seriously.


  1. Your nails looooook gorgeous!!
    The ring ain't too bad either, yowza! ;-)

  2. i like this hand/nail shot...esp with your purrty ring! :)

  3. I got that toooo! Right before Vegas. At Niki's salon. LOVE IT!


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