Saturday, June 11, 2011

Button Ring Crafting

Big funky rings are all the rage right now. I wonder for how long...  I remember when long, chunky necklaces were HUGE...and now, they hang sadly from a wall in my bedroom collecting dust. Hum, maybe I should figure out a way to recycle those into something useful... **wheels are turnin**

Anyway, I love me a big, bright, 'loud''s a way to finally show love to my right hand again! After I got engaged in 2006, I no longer wore all my rings...I was dedicated to my one & only, beautifully flawless engagement ring! So, here's the lineup I currently own:
The skyblue 'starburst' ring up in front is probably my fav & most worn

Now...after seeing THIS awesome tutorial over at "Smashed Peas and Carrots", which required the use of some of my fabric scraps, I jumped on it. I had never purchased or used a 'cover button kit' before, BUT, now of course I'm hooked. It's pure genius. Now I just have to find more reasons to use these...a fabric button 'bib' necklace perhaps??

See seeeee...look how purty they came out!! I heart them so.

Adorable. Easy. Quick. Cheap!
Perfect combo dontcha think!

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  1. Oh, I love all your fabric choices!! Thanks so much for sharing and have fun with the big, loud rings!! (I love them too!!)


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