Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Necklace transformations

After I posted the blog about my purty button rings...and commenting about my sad, un-used, out-dated necklace collection...I decided to do something about it. Yesterday I pulled out a handful of them and took em down to my craft corner (aka: the dining room table - sorry hubs). I'm kicking myself in the butt for NOT remembering to take BEFORE pics...but oh well, they were horrible looking anyway, HA.

Here they are...awww beauties...still have 1 or 2 more to transform:

Alrighty - so this gold one was probably 5049 inches TOO long to begin with. So I cut it at the very bottom & made some scrappy flowers with some fabric that had gold colors in it. Though, I think I'm a bit limited on what I can actually wear it with...besides this purple dress that I'm wearing it with today that I've already gotten a few compliments on...yay me!:

This one was long as well, but not as bad as the gold. I just wanted a few of the wooden teal beads since they're pretty big, so I slid them onto a sheer teal/black polka dot ribbon. This would be so cute against a plain black shirt or dress:

Now THIS one is my fav.... it was a suuuuper long, 2-strand, brown beaded necklace, that I'm pretty sure I've only worn once or twice in my life. I made a cute little flower (crazy easy), glued some beads in the middle, & voila! Again, limited on coordinating clothing options...guess that means I'll just have to get creative in the closet  ;-)


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