Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Cancer,

A good friend of mine & fellow blogger sent me this link yesterday to write a letter...'TO cancer'. So I did it...and so should YOU! You can write a can write a paragraph...just write SOMEthing!

Here's my letter that I proudly submitted today:

"Dear Cancer,
Although you strike with unwitting power, forcefully trying to ruin the lives of countless, undeserving people – you have some tough competition. Those whose bodies & organs you aggressively tackle are touch souls. They are true champions, brave warriors… fierce GLADIATORS!! And they. will. WIN! You’ll see. Maybe not at every battle, but each time you show your ugly face, we as a united people, become more motivated & increasingly determined to beat you’re a$$. The hatred, sadness, heartache, and chaos that follows in your dark, cruel path, may seem like a detriment to our spirit…but trust me, it only makes us stronger."

This came to me at an appropriate time, as someone we've both known for a few years now (through my job), has just been diagnosed with a shocking cancer. He's a young, healthy, and extremely driven guy - one admired by many throughout our company. Of course hearing disheartening news like this, always puts LIFE into perspective...and makes me appreciate what I have in this very moment. It also reminds me that you never know what can happen to you or a loved one today, tomorrow or next month - so we really have to LIVE each day to the fullest... and not get caught up in unnecessary, insignificant, little things that fog up your vision. Surrounding yourself with as much positivity as possible. Focusing your energy on the negative, will only drain your body & soul that much faster...leaving little (to no) room to stay centered & focus on the good in your life.
In fact, yesterday after speaking with another dear friend (and amazing writer who SHOULD be blogging!) - an immense amount of weight & worry was pulled off her shoulders, by just telling the later part of the above paragraph. Saying it out loud even helped me regain focus onto what is really important (quote from Oprah): "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." RIGHT?!!

Additionally - I stumbled upon this article on "Ten Things to be Thankful For" -  that really helped my read!

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  1. Love your post! Thank you for inspiring me. once. again.


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